Thursday, June 14, 2012

A collective haul!!!!! :) + Where Have I Been!

Hi everyone!!
I know that I wasn't making blog posts for a while now, but I was super busy!!!
And, I just felt like nobody cared and like nobody even wanted me to make more posts...
So if you want me to continue, please tell me!!

Today I am going to do a collective haul!! :)

So, here we go:

1. I got three nail polishes from my drugstore:

Flormar, Supershine collection, 49 (about $1)

Flormar, 420 (about $1)

V.I.P. Yellow Sundress 942 (about $2)

Then I got some jewelry from a local store:

Short sparkly cat necklace (about $2)

Long sparkly star necklace (about $1.50)

Owl earrings (about $1)
Colorful bracelet

Sooo.. I hope that you like my haul!!!
Please tell me what is your favorite thing! <33


  1. Love the first nailpolish!

    New post: