Sunday, May 6, 2012

A cute way to store your bracelets/rings/sunglasses!

Hi everyone!
Today I am going to show to how to store your bracelets, rings and sunglasses easily! :)
The only thing that you need is a Ferrero Rocher box. It's about $5-$6 in a grocery store.
You will get the little chocolates in it!! :)
It's like 2 in 1! :)
I really like the box because it's transparent (I took the little sign that was glued to it...).
This is what it looks like (you can take that gold thing out):

Here is how it looks like with the sunglasses inside it:
Here is how it looks like with the bracelets in it.
(This is how I keep it, but those are not my only bracelets, I have more of them.. These are just the ones that I were often, except the hearts one.)

Another thing that you can do is turn the top, and put your  rings on it:

I hope you like it!! <3
How do you store your bracelets?


  1. in the last picture its a very good idea! i use my ferrero rocher boxes also:)
    But i think that it would look better with colors?

    1. Well, yeah, I thought about that, but I am not a crafty person, so it may turn out bad... xD :) I'll try it. ;)
      But I have one that I decorated with stickers.. ;)

  2. I Love that idea! I never thought of doing that! It looks awesome!

  3. Hey dear sry but you don't follow me..

  4. great idea! plus you get chocolates...score!

  5. great idea!

  6. That's very smart! I like having my jewellery showing too!
    I use a foldout compartment from Ikea, it fits my dressing table perfectly and has many compartments in different sizes!
    Oh, I've followed you back :)

  7. This is such a good and inexpensive idea! Thanks for the inspiration xx

    1. No problem!! <3
      Thank you for the comment!! :)