Thursday, April 26, 2012

A collective make up haul!!

Hi everyone!
Sooo, today I just wanted to do a collective haul, because a got a few thing this week, and I wanted to show them to you!

And I know that the quality of these pictures is bad , but my camera's battery is dead, so I took pictures with my web cam.

1. I got a miss sporty 'Ohh! Blushed again' blusher. It's in color 001 In Bloom.

2. I got an eyeshadow from Avon. It's called Winter Sky. It's a really light blue color.

3. I got a Rimmel London: Extra Super Lash Building Mascara in: 101 Black Black.

4. Then I got a Oriflame: Visions creamy eyeshadow.

And that's that...
I know it's only 4 things.. :P
Now I need to go to my acting class!
Love ya! :**


  1. AWESOME! Can you do a review on the mascara you got? I have been looking for a good one, but can't find any really good ones!


    1. Thank you!!
      Sure I can!! ;)
      I'll do it later :)

  2. Amazing products!
    I'm following u dear, I hope u will follow me back!

    Tati ♥ pearls
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  3. nice post!!!