Thursday, April 12, 2012

My old stud earrings :D

Hi everyone!

OMG, I was just searching for my old notebook and I found  4 pairs of stud earrings!!
I am so happy!!! :DD
I was really young when I got them, and I never wore them.. :P
But now I will!! :)
This is what they look like:

They aren't anything special, but I still like them, and I have been obsessed with stud earrings lately. :DD
I got a necklace with them (it was in the middle), but I lost it when I was younger....

Here are a few more pictures:

So, what do you think about them?
And sorry for the lightning, I know it's awkward... :P


  1. They are soooooooooooooooooo cute! I like the heart the best! So I heard you like Glee? Who's your fav character? As you know my favorite is Blaine!

    -Meg (

    1. Thank you!! :)
      Yes, I do!
      Well, I like all of them... :)
      I really can't pick anyone xDD
      But Blaine is cool!! :D

  2. Cute earrings, especially the hoops xx