Friday, April 20, 2012

How to: Curl Your Hair Without Heat!

Hi everyone!
Sorry I didn't do this tutorial earlier, but I had to study a lot :P
But here it is!! :D
Oh, and do this before you go to sleep.


1. Wash your hair.

2. Put a styling mouse on your hair (This is optional, but if you want your curls to last longer do it!).
I use the Nivea 'Diamond Gloss' styling mouse.

3. Take one section of your hair and put it around a curler (IDK how to explain this). :P
I got my curlers in a grocery store for $1.50

4. Do this with the edges of the curler:

5. Do this with your whole hair and go to sleep!!
When you wake up remove the curlers and that's that!!!

If you didn't understand something, here you can see it in a video!


  1. I love it! I could not find that kind of brand when I went, but i got something like it! Do you like Stilababe09 (Meredith). I do!