Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: Rimmel London - Extra Super Lash Mascara

Hi everyone!!
Today I am going to do a review on this mascara (This was a request from Meg!) :)
I got it yesterday, and if you saw my last haul, it was in it.
It's by Rimmel London, and It's called Extra Super Lash.
I got it in color 101: Black Black.
My favorite mascaras are the black ones, I don't really like the ones that are in other colors (at least not the white and brown ones), because I think that the black ones look more neutral.
BTW I again took photos with my web cam... I tried to take them with my camera, but it just didn't want to focus :PPPP

Here are a few pictures of this mascara:


Here are a few photos of the brush:

Here's how it looks on me (I know I look ugly here):

And that's that!! 
I really like this mascara, and it's my favorite one!!
I had a few ones before, but this one is the best one so far!!
I recommend it, for sure!


  1. I think I might get this one, it looks super good on your lashes! Thank you very much for the review!


    1. No problem!
      Thank you for the comment! ;)