Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi everyone!!
Today I am going to do a review on the Oriflame, Very Me lip glosses.
I have two of them: Funky and Sporty.

The Funky lip gloss:

The Sporty lip gloss:

 I saw them in the Oriflame magazine and ordered them.
There are 6 of them.

What I like about them is that they have color in them and they smell great! :)
The Sporty one is baby pink, and the Funky one is purple.
Here are the swatches:

The left one is Funky, and the right one is Sporty.. 
(My hand looks really ugly on the picture, sorry for that) :PP

They are really shiny and glittery and they give a nice shimmer. Also they are not sticky.. :)

They last on lips for about 1-2 h.
Yeah, yeah, I know... Pretty short.... :(
But I still like them :)
They are really small so you can carry them around in your pocket xDD

I know the review is short, but I just wanted to do a review in which you will find out basics about the product and maybe buy it if you like it. ;)

For a bit more information visit:


  1. I will have to see that! What does it cost? I love your blog already! I follow! Thanx for the comment! Do you want to follow back?

    -Meg (

    1. Thanks for your comment. :)
      They are £3.45, but I'm not sure how much dollars is that... :P
      And sure, I will follow you ;)

  2. I wish I could wear lipglosses, they annoy me and I end up wiping them off like 15 minutes later! This looks nice though x

    1. I know..
      They sometimes annoy me to...
      BTW thanks for the comment ;)

  3. cute blog! thanks for checking out mine :)

  4. i'm not really a fan of glosses, they're too sticky!