Sunday, April 29, 2012

A small haul! :)

Hi everyone!
Today I am going to do a really small haul for oyu.
I didn't get anything too exciting, but still...

1. The first thing I got is this liquid soap.
I like all the Flower Shop liquid soaps, because they are very cheap, but also really good!

2. Then, I got just a package of LMX wet wipes for my school bag.

 3. Then, I got these shoes, which are super comfortable! :)
They were on sale for about $30, so I really wanted to get them!

4. And the last thing I got is this deodorant.

That's that!!


  1. nice!! i really like the shoes you bought!.
    check out my pink haul:)

  2. AWESOME! I use roll on dioterant! I prefer it, do you prefer spray or what ever?


    1. Well, I use the spray and the roll on deodorants.
      I like them both, but like the spray ones maybe a bit more, because I think there are much more to choose from, and they have a stronger smell.....